M.S.P. Spirit School has been a vision of the Mystic Soul Project since its inception over four years ago. The mission of the organization is to lift up and center BIPOC/QTPOC wisdom at the intersections of spirituality, activism and healing. M.S.P. Spirit School is the living embodiment of that vision - in a way that provides a legacy of community-building, co-teaching and co-learning (also one of our RULE OF LIFE ethics), and centering the BIPOC wisdom around spiritual care and development - a way to shape and grow our own spiritual path while also deepening our wisdom around providing spiritual care and healing for others.

This is a program BY and FOR BIPOC community members, centering the ethic of shared wisdom - co-teaching and co-learning - where we all have something to offer and something to learn. 

A deep intention of this program is to offer a broader landscape of SPIRIT CARE and SPIRITUAL HEALING which is by and for BIPOC community members, to chip away at the sense of isolation for people of color in the spiritual care field and spiritual leadership alike. The vision of this program from this first cohort and beyond is to diminish limitations for BIPOC and QTBIPOC folx unable to find a spiritual care provider who looks and practices like them providing their care, and will fill the gap of generational BIPOC mentorship in this work - taking a landscape of BIPOC spiritual scarcity and building towards abundance.



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Trauma-Conscious Contextualization


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M.S.P. Spirit School is a 9-month co-teaching and co-learning labratory that is both experiential and deeply immersive based on a wide cross-section of BIPOC-centering lineages of spiritual wisdom and healing from a variety of teachers from various wisdom traditions. The program and our team is committed to a model of co-learning, leaning into ancestral and indigenous wisdom traditions, a trauma-conscious framework and BIPOC-centered learning process. 

2021 PROGRAM will go from April 19th to December 19, 2021. 

This program will include: 

  • RECORDED VIDEO TRAINING MODULES (2x monthly; 1.5 hrs) with a rotation of teachers from a variety of traditions and practice areas . Sample teaching content includes (exact titles subject to change): 

    • The Mystic Path: Individual & Collective Journeying​

    • Rhythm of Life: Finding Your Practices & Ethos

    • Trauma-Conscious Spirit Care: Self & Others

    • Socially-Conscious Mysticism & Spiritual Activism

    • Practicing Presence: How To Be Present with Ourselves & Others

    • Trans-lineage Bearers: Holding Multiple Traditions

    • Anti-Oppressive Frameworks in Spiritual Care

    • Exploring Our Magic: Ancient-Future Practices & Reclamation

    • Embodiment & Sensuality as Spirit Care

    • Queer & Trans-Centered Spirit Care & Development

    • Chronic Babe Mystics & Spiritual Life

    • Grief Doulas & Rituals of Death and Dying

    • Something Wicked This Way Comes: When Negative/Heavy Energy Shows Up

    • Burnout & Self-Nurturing as Spiritual Caregiver

    • Practice-Building: A Spiritually Grounded Ethic of Doing Business

  • PRACTICUM: Students will begin in approximately half way through the program providing spirit care sessions (volunteer/donation based) to 2 people/communities for the duration of the program. These will be 1-2x monthly sessions for approx 50 min - 90 minutes. At least one “client” must be an individual but the other may be a group/community-based setting. This can be in-person or virtual based on need. 

  • COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE (externally-facilitated): 1x monthly practice sharing space with rotating facilitators - from spiritual community (recorded to be available in course materials) for co-learning community. (open to the public)

  • COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE (internally-facilitated): 2x monthly small groups will self-create practice space to share in for 1 hour 2x monthly during weeks they are not with the externally facilitated practice space. These are self-run by each group and the practice schedule and facilitation plan is submitted the month before for each week to the curation and creation team. Each participant in the program should facilitate at least one practice. This can be a space to test out a new practice or ritual you might use in your final project.

  • WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS: INNER-OUTER SPIRIT CARE ACCOUNTABILITY PRACTICES: Students will post (in our digital community forum) in a video, audio or written reflection weekly as an assignment of the ways in which they are engaging: 

    • 1) external spirit care support - engaging their own spirit care in community (through engagement with a mentor, a spirit care provider, etc who is stretching them in their own spiritual growth).

    • 2) spirit care practice - engaging their own spirit care practice during the week. 

    • 3) ways in which their inner spirit work is engaging with the outer world. 

    • 4) how they are engaging the learning materials they are studying that week in their daily life and work. 

  • MENTORSHIP (1:1): Each student will be assigned a primary mentor for their practicum during the course - this might be from the curator, content creator, or spirit caregiver team. This is their point of contact to reflect on their practicum experience. Each student will have two 30 min -1 hour video calls with their mentor throughout their program (April, May) - quarterly - and be able to contact that person as needed via email throughout the program.

  • COMMUNITY SPIRIT CARE & CO-LEARNING GROUP: 1x monthly 1.5 hour peer support calls for students to reflect on that month's course content and their own spiritual process in the program. Facilitated by spirit caregiver/teaching team members.

  • FINAL PROJECT ASSIGNMENT: Students will also offer a closing client reflection-case study on one of their client interactions over the course of the program - via video conference - at the close of the program. This is their final program assignment/project along with presenting a tool, resource, or practice into the community they have created over the course of the program to be used in their spirit care work.

program components

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Community Groups

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An intentional commitment of M.S.P. Spirit School is to create a community of learning that is not just collaborative, trauma-conscious and ancestrally-rooted but also that is COST EFFECTIVE. Much of the essential critique of the "industry" of spiritual education, training and formation is not just that it is often led by and created for a White Western Framework of learning but it is, also, cost prohibitive for BIPOC community members and those with limited financial resources. We wanted to create a program that anyone could afford and so we didn't launch the first cohort of this program until we were certain we could sustain the running of the program from outside funding so that students would get a robust learning experience at a fraction of the cost. 

The fee structure below is a sliding scale model which we have made as affordable as possible. We ask that students who have difficulty meeting the lowest fees connect with us and build a plan for fundraising along with us to support the supplementing of the base costs. The fee structure below has been shaped so that students' contributions are only about 1/2 to 1/3 of the total cost per student for the program but we don't want to turn anyone away due to lack of resources - so know that we will work with you if you cannot afford the below fee structure build a plan with you to make attendance possible. 

The sliding scale payment categories are based on the four directions in the Incan lineage of Q'ero Paqos and the four animals that symbolize these for sacred directions: the serpent, the puma, the condor and the hummingbird. 












Team: Program Curators

Teresa Mateus

Co-Founder & Co-Director of The Mystic Soul Project, Co-Curator of M.S.P. Spirit School.

Jade T Perry

Co-Founder & Co-Director of The Mystic Soul Project, Co-Curator of M.S.P. Spirit School.


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